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Let’s take a break from the bad news, folks. Forget politics for a second.

There are people doing some seriously good work out there.

I mean, some really AMAZING stuff.

The kind of stuff that they don’t teach you to do in school. The kind of stuff, you don’t grow up dreaming that you would do. The kind of stuff that sort of just lands on you unexpectedly.

Most of the time, it’s born out of a desire to make the world a little bit brighter. A little bit better. For others.

Like Kenton Lee, who wanted to make a shoe that would grow with the child and find a way to fund it so that he could distribute them to the millions of children who grow up without wearing shoes.

Like Shannon Young, the powerful force behind the KL Pooch Rescue team which rescues stray and abandoned dogs who require care.

Like Samir Lakhani, the young Asian American who found a way to recycle discarded almost new, soap bars from hotels, sanitise them and remould them into new bars of soap to be distributed to the thousands of children who can’t afford to buy their own soap.

Sometimes, we hear about them. Other times, they float under the radar.

I don’t think they’re bothered too much about publicity. But I’m pretty certain that if more people knew their stories, they’d be able to do more of what they do. AND, maybe others might get inspired to work on their own ideas to make the world a little bit brighter. A little bit better. For others.

And that’s why I started this podcast. To find these people who are doing the work, capture their stories, and share them far and wide, one pair of earbuds at a time.


About Cat Ashton

Catherine Ashton is obsessed with three things: good beer, rescue dogs, and social impact work. The latter launched her career in fundraising and led her to work directly with start-up nonprofits.
She loves empowering passionate people to make the world a better place through storytelling and relationship cultivation, so when Dinesh invited her to join The One Who Does she couldn’t say no. As for whiskey and rescue dogs? She spends weekends searching out local dog-friendly breweries in Austin, TX with her husband and ridiculously adorable daughter.


About Dinesh Rudra

I have been a podcast fan for years. It started off when I found out that dishwashing went by a lot quicker when listening to podcasts. I started with Radiolab, This American Life and TED Radio Hour, the Solopreneur Hour and of course Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income podcast.
They all had their own unique storytelling format, and I loved them all. Once in a while, I would entertain the idea of maybe doing a podcast of my own. Never thought that I would actually do it. Until now, that is.



About the Podcast

The One Who Does

…is a show about the men and women who are doing the
work to make the world a better and brighter place for others. From obstacles to outcomes, these are their stories. I started this show with the hopes that these stories will inspire others, but also, I wanted more people to become aware of all the good that is going on in this world, and it’s done by ordinary people like you and me. I wanted to share these stories as far and as wide as possible, and I thought why not do it through a podcast – and supplement that with visuals.
The logo for the podcast was designed by the lovely Olga Vusyk from Ukraine. Olga spent a lot of time going through so many different ideas, and finally we landed on this one. I really love it because it shows a single sprout emerging from a crack in the concrete. Sometimes, trying to do good in this world feels just like that.. you have to start, but most of the time, you have to start in the hardest of situations.