Kenton Lee and the shoe that grows on The One Who Does Podcast



Okay, so at first, this whole podcast idea was just a big dream.

Something that I had kept cooking in the back of my head for years. When I finally got the courage to do it, I thought, ok the first big challenge would be to get a guest on the show. And so I made a short list of people who I thought were doing amazing things in the world, and said, alright, I’m just going to see if someone says yes. And if they do, I’ll do this!

So, the first name on my list, was Kenton Lee, after I had watched this post that my friend Penny Wilson had shared on her wall (thanks Penny! keep on sharing the good stuff!).



Well, I found Kenton on LinkedIn (of all places!) and just sent him a connection request, telling him the idea for my show – which by the way, was still just very much an idea…. and in fact, the name of the show at that point was different too! It was called Obstacles & Outcomes. (I think The One Who Does works a lot better!).

Anyway, long story short, Kenton replied the very next day, and said, let’s do this! He was so supportive of my idea, and he was just so easy to speak with and overall – I couldn’t have asked for a more awesome first guest on the show. He’s the reason, this show is even here – because he had said yes. So thanks, Kenton!!! Or as they say in Australia, thanks heaps!!! 😉

And, thank you for listening! Please leave a comment if this whole thing resonates with you!


Show Summary

Kenton Lee, an innovator from the town of Nampa, Idaho believes that small things can make a big difference. This interview will take you to the first encounter of Kenton Lee with the children in an orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya. What was going through his mind when he first arrived? What did he feel when he saw the kids? What sparked the beginning of “The Shoes That Grows” and the epic journey that he and his friends embarked on to create a growing shoe.


Our Guest:

Kenton Lee started a worldwide phenomenon of a shoe that grows which has now been distributed to more than 100,000 kids in over 91 countries. He is also the Founder of Because International, a nonprofit organisation with the mission of practical compassion, distributing The Shoe That Grows through partners worldwide. Kenton is also a top-rated keynote speaker motivating groups of hundreds and thousands through his stories of practical compassion. His fees go directly to The Shoes That Grows.


Key Takeaways

  • ‘Practical Compassion’ is based on the belief that even small things can make a big difference.
  • Find a tribe – when working on something you believe will make an impact even to just one person, find a tribe. A group of people who believe in you, who love you and who will support you in your mission.
  • There will always be big and overwhelming problems to solve in this world and you may think, “My help wouldn’t even make an impact.” But even the smallest act of practical compassion – like sending a shoe that grows to one child, will make a world of difference.
  • When working on an idea that you think will make a difference, don’t stop when you receive your first rejection, even if it’s from so-called experts.
  • Networking is important! It can get you connected to the people who can just possibly make your vision come to life (like Kenton’s story about how he got connected to Proof of Concept)
  • Be open to an adventure, even when things don’t turn out as planned. Especially when things don’t turn out as planned.




  • Rezza Rainaldy – the illustrator I worked with for this episode’s comic strip
  • Mara Abilay for her superb transcribing and shownotes crafting skills